Study Tips

Do you give up before reaching your goals? I will help you to develop a good study routine with daily little actions. You will see how you achieve your targets and get highly effective study habits.


1st: Learn a list of word by heart? it isn’t going to help you! It’s better to learn one or two words or expressions a day and try to use them in a context. That’s the main key!

2nd: Help yourself with the vocabulary list: on a post-it or a small card. Keep it simple!

3rd: Change the language configuration on your devices! Switch to Spanish! ¡Español modo on!

4th: Read a Spanish newspaper! If you don’t have enough time, at least the news’ titles!

5th: What are your hobbies? Look for a Spanish blog or website related to your personal interests, that will keep your motivation high on a subject!

6th: Find a Spanish newsletter and follow them! You need to keep you updated!

7th: Do you spend time on the social networks? Why not spendig 5 to 10 minutes checking something in Spanish? It can be on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook… it’s up to you!

8th: This is the century of the technology. If you have a smartphone, look for a suitable  Spanish learning app and interact with it.